Your best #AllStarTrek Tweets from May 14

By: H&I Staff     Posted: May 15, 2017, 11:40AM

The month of May might be half over, but we're far from being done with Star Trek! Remember, you can always catch our All Star Trek block every Sunday night beginning at 7PM 6C, kicking off with Star Trek: The Animated Series and running through Star Trek: Enterprise. Weekdays, tune in at 8PM | 7C for all five original live-action Star Trek series, back to back. We're not going anywhere. 

Here are your best tweets!

We can't forget the moms!


Brussel sprouts, asparagus — same thing, right?

Woohoo! Sassy Spock!

Looks like the 4th of July came early this year.

The age-old question.

Poor Spock.

Sparks ARE cool.

Onions got you crying, huh?

Real friends know your deepest fears. And then use them against you.


Poor Chakotay.

LLAP, All Star Trek crew!