Thanks for “Everything,” Stephen Hawking

Catch Hawking's cameo on 'Star Trek: TNG' Friday at 6pm ET.

William Shatner wants you to go to the sun with him

Or at least send your name up there with his.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from March 11

"Hey Hey Chekov's in the Monkees"

Did you know Gene Roddenberry had his ashes launched into space?

Both Roddenberry and Doohan have visited the final frontier.

Star Trek: Voyager had some of the craziest celebrity guest stars

You can spot Seinfeld stars, comics, world leaders, rock guitarists and the Rock.

Watch: New Lost in Space reboot trailer completely updates the Robot

Those creepy alien fingers look nothing like the Robot's friendly red clamps.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from March 4

"The decor in Spock's room: Axes and knives on the wall. Gargoyle with psychedelic ball. Tapestries."

New horror Hulk comic series is kind of a TV series throwback

'The Immortal Hulk' will feature a nomadic Bruce Banner.

Try not to cry as Trek fans remember Leonard Nimoy

It's hard to believe it's been three years since Leonard Nimoy died.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from February 25

"Is Mr. Kyle a symbiotic life form combination in TAS? Because his mustache seems to do all the talking."

New York Fashion Week's got nothing on Star Trek's fashion

From jumpsuits to lavish loungewear, what's more stylish than Star Trek?

The Unlikely Dozen: 12 stars you forgot were cast as cowboys in TV and movies

From Bob Dylan to Bob Denver, see who managed to buck their stereotype.

Did everyone who ever used the transporter actually die?

Since the Star Trek transporters scan your body and dematerialize you, it might not actually be you who is reassembled in... MORE

6 fast facts about Archie and the gang

There's a lot going on in Riverdale.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from February 18

"Captain Jellico, of course Riker is willful! He's WILL RIKER!"

8 fascinating facts about LeVar Burton

The actor turns 61 today.

The first McDonald's Happy Meal movie tie-in was the Star Trek Meal

Which of the five boxes and toys would you collect?

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from February 11

"The worst thing you can do to a practical joker is play a joke on them. A joke that KILLS THEM!"

13 black TV superheroes who helped pave the way for Black Panther

A brief history, from Black Vulcan and Microwoman to M.A.N.T.I.S. and Moleculad.

Mae Jemison was the first African American woman in space and an astronaut on Star Trek

Nichelle Nichols in 'Star Trek' is who originally inspired Jemison to join NASA.

Watch 'Drunk History's' rendition of Kirk and Uhura's onscreen kiss

"...and Nichelle Nichols was like, 'whatever, fine.'"

Zachary Quinto to produce and host 'In Search Of' reboot

We've seen him fill Nimoy's shoes before… but can he fill Nimoy's leisure suits?

10 classic 'Star Trek' toys that had absolutely nothing to do with the show

Who could forget that classic 'Star Trek' episode with the… space helicopter?

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from January 28

"McCoy has a great deal of experience with radiation exposure? That sounds ominous."

5 reasons Ursula K. Le Guin was a gift to science fiction

On Jan. 22, the world renowned science fiction author died at the age of 88.

The major events of our near future, at least according to Star Trek

Unless you're baseball fanatic, the next few decades could be rocky.

Comic fans get chance to read long-lost 'Superman' issue

'Action Comics' is coming up on its 1000th issue, and DC wants to celebrate.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from January 21

"McCoy eventually figures out Kirk and Spock can't breathe air anymore, but makes no comment on their webbed hands."

10 dandy facts about 'Have Gun - Will Travel'

The popular TV gunslinger Paladin has ties to Star Trek and Eminem.

This is the man behind the mask of all those '60s and '70s TV creatures

From 'Star Trek' aliens to a much more literal kind of monkey business on 'Perry Mason.'

5 original Star Trek episodes that were banned overseas

The BBC had some strict guidelines

Steve McQueen's long lost, beloved Mustang was discovered last year in a Mexican junkyard

Two cars used in 'Bullitt' were recently unearthed, in Tennessee and south of the border.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from January 14

"I've got a fever and the only prescription is more theremin!"

'Wonder Woman' subtly snuck 'Star Trek' sound effects into its futuristic tech

The government supercomputer Ira borrows iconic sounds from the Starship Enterprise.

Happy birthday, Dax!

For he's a jolly good symbiont!

7 fascinating facts about 'The Rat Patrol'

This awesome '60s action show led to belated heart attacks, British controversy and brutal filming conditions.

Watch the fourth installment of 'Superman vs. Hulk'

Witness the awesome Seventies superhero throwdown of our dreams.

A brief history of the Wild Wild West's most overlooked star, its locomotive train

This historic choo choo can be spotted in Gunsmoke, Get Smart and The Big Valley.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from January 7

"Has Star Trek ever been more Star Wars-y?"

Jon Paul Steuer of ‘Star Trek: Next Generation’ dies at 33

The cause of death has not been released.

15 forgotten science-fiction TV shows of the 1980s

These ancient aliens, telekinetic teens, dystopian soldiers and time travelers may not have lasted long, but they set the... MORE

We might get to see a lot more of 'Black Mirror's' ''U.S.S. Callister''

"I would die if they turned this into a spinoff series," said Cristin Milioti

40 years later, David Banner got a happy ending

The more he focused on his fitness, the less time he spent traveling, and the less trouble he got himself in.

11 celebrities who were almost cast on 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine'

Darth Vader as the Captain? Say it ain't Sisko!

5 classic sci-fi flicks turning 50 in 2018

By the end of the '60s, Hollywood had to get in on the action!

Seth MacFarlane takes it way back in old Trek fan vid

Check out the video in all of its geeky glory.

These vintage Christmas decorations are more terrifying than Halloween ones

We'll just stick with lights and tinsel, thanks.

People we have lost in 2017

TV and Hollywood lost a lot of gems this year.

'Tis the season for ugly sweaters, so let's rank Wesley Crusher's outfits

Eighties television was a wonderland of bulky sweaters — even if your show took place in the 24th century. On Star Trek:... MORE

9 abandoned Star Trek series that never made it to the TV screen

From cartoons to reboots to… comedies?

Camp classic 'Barbarella' turns 50 in 2018

Barbarella isn't taken all that seriously, but you love it anyway.

Dakota Fanning hits the road for the sake of Star Trek in 'Please Stand By' trailer

The 'Please Stand By' trailer is chock-full of Trek references.

10 of the best gifts for the geek in your life

The holiday season is the best time of the year, don't get us wrong, but all of that Christmas shopping can be tough. From... MORE

Watch: This scene from the 'Wonder Woman' movie is a tribute to Lynda Carter's earlier role

The movie moment where Diana Prince meets Steve Trevor was likely strikingly familiar for fans of TV's Wonder Woman.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from December 3

"So Ferris Bueller got that whole "Life moves pretty fast" line from Ben Sisko."

Here's what Spock was originally going to look like on 'Star Trek'

Can you picture Spock as a red devil? We did.

James Franco returning to the silver screen in superhero flick

He’s no stranger to comic book movies, becoming a household name as Harry Osborn, the son of the Green Goblin.

We’re going to have to wait a little longer for ’Deep Space Nine’ documentary

The projected release date is still in early 2018, though, so fingers crossed!

A guide to our 12 favorite Star Trek gifts of the season

Need something for that special Trekker in your life?

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from November 26

"It is a good day to die, and the day is not yet over."

What is a "levidrome?"

Despite how it sounds, it is not a gadget in the Star Trek universe.

This new 'Next Generation' book is our favorite Star Trek gift of the season

Read an 11-year-old's description of all the aliens in the Federation.

9 facts about Boris Karloff that show he was more than a monster

Image: RKO Radio Pictures Without the Universal Monsters, where would horror films be these days? While people always... MORE

Get your hands on the first officially licensed Star Trek computer

You know you've always wanted a Borg of your own.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets November 19

"T h e r e ' s n o r e a s o n t o s p e a k m o r e s l o w l y i n s p a c e"

Patrick Stewart thought he'd be done with 'Next Gen' after a season

"So come over, make a bit of money for the first time in your life, get a sun tan, go home."

8 actors who were almost cast in 'Star Trek: Voyager'

Find out which three were up for Seven of Nine.

Get your holiday shopping done early in the Heroes & Icons store

There are two types of shoppers around the holidays: the ones who get all of their shopping out of the way before all of... MORE

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets November 12

"Never ever marry a red, unless it is Scotty."

College friends reunited on set of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Chieffo plays L’Rell, a Klingon, while Wiseman plays Starfleet Cadet Sylvia Tilly.

The greatest episode of 'Star Trek' was nearly far, far different

In some alternate timeline, "City on the Edge of Forever" has a flawed Kirk and a darker plot.

Not everyone jumped at the chance to cast Patrick Stewart

Playing Jean-Luc Picard wasn't all fun in space, the actor admits in a new interview.

You have to hear William Shatner cover this Cramps classic

William Shatner is probably more punk than you.

7 criminally underrated TV Westerns of the 1970s

Not even William Shatner and Kurt Russell could help these gems stick around.

Legendary sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov picked apart 'ALF' in 1987

Here's what happens when a leading scientific mind goes up against an '80s sitcom.

'Star Trek IV' composer was first choice to write 'Discovery' theme

Listen to the 'Discovery' themes that did not make the cut.

You never realized these 11 notable actors voiced Justice League superheroes in cartoons

Which game show host was Superman? Which 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' star played a bad guy?

You can now buy Robby the Robot from 'Twilight Zone,' 'Lost in Space' & 'Forbidden Planet'

The auction ends November 21 and, yes, he's fully operational.

'Quantum Leap' becomes the next target for a reboot

From the series creator who also brought us 'JAG' and 'Magnum, P.I.,' there's already a script for the future film.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from October 29

"You should know better than just stick your fingers just anywhere."

The infamous ‘War of the Worlds’ hysteria might not be as hysterical as we thought

“In a single block at Heddon Terrace and Hawthorne Avenue, more than twenty families rushed out of their houses with wet... MORE

Stop trying to make Spock happen

It's notgoing to happen. Probably.

18 eerie, disturbing and downright scary Star Trek episodes

Even the utopian future of Trek was filled with Vulcan zombies, sinister clowns, serial killer spirits and chest-bursting... MORE

'Batman vs. Two-Face' almost pulled in Lynda Carter for a Wonder Woman cameo

POW! 'Batman vs. Two-Face' is now available to watch now.

5 of the wildest pieces of vintage Star Trek merch

Who doesn't want a sad Spock staring at them from across the room?

Does swearing belong on Star Trek?

Some liked that Trek was seeming to get a bit of an edge, while others thought it seemed way too off-brand for the franchise.

Your Best #AllStarTrek Tweets from October 14

"Party On, Kirk. Party On, Garth."
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