Speedway Fever - Ponch and Bobby go after a gang of high-speed bike bandits, and a young cadet at the CHP Academy tries to help his brother.
Its title based on the acronym for California Highway Patrol, 'CHiPs' follows motorcycle patrolmen Officer Jon Baker (Larry Wilcox) and Officer Frank "Ponch" Poncherello (Erik Estrada) as they cruise the freeway system of Los Angeles. Reporting to gruff Sgt. Joe Getraer (Robert Pine), straight-laced Baker and free-spirited Poncherello encounter incidents ranging from humorous to criminal in this light-hearted action drama.
  • Season

S1/EP 1 - Pilot

Ponch and Jon stop a car-theft ring. And Ponch's antics may keep him on probation.

S1/EP 2 - Undertow

Ponch and Jon track down a tow truck driver who robs stranded single women motorists. Complicating matters, Ponch's exposure to a leaky tank of nitrous oxide threatens his performance on the streets as well as in the CHP basketball game.

S1/EP 3 - Dog Gone

It's puppy love at the Highway Patrol when Ponch and Jon conspire to keep a dog they rescued a secret from Sgt. Getraer. Meanwhile, a young punk and his pals plot to sabotage Ponch's bike, but make a big mistake.

S1/EP 4 - Moving Violation

Ponch and Jon track a stolen bus and deal with a mad driver who begins to take his car apart after receiving a ticket for speeding.

S1/EP 5 - Career Day

Ponch and Jon chase after a speeding hearse that dropped a coffin in the middle of the road. Baricza investigates the coffin and finds that its occupant is alive.

S1/EP 6 - Baby Food

The CHP investigate a shipment of baby food that spilled from a truck and is contaminated with botulism.

S1/EP 7 - Taking Its Toll

The CHP investigate a series of thefts by bandits at a toll booth.

S1/EP 8 - Green Thumb Burglar

Ponch and Jon chase two cars trying to run each other off the road. When they arrest the drivers, they learn that "green thumb burglars" are stealing shrubs.

S1/EP 9 - Hustle

After Ponch tries to talk Jon into joining a CHP bowling tournament, a call comes in about a robbery. After Ponch gets a cigarette flicked on him, they find motorcycle riders fitting the description and pull them over.

S1/EP 10 - Highway Robbery

A motorcycle rider steals a watch, wallet and purse during a traffic jam. When Jon and Ponch chase him down and arrest him, it turns out that Jon knows the kid from somewhere.

S1/EP 11 - Name Your Price

Femme thieves specialize in Rolls Royce cars, and Ponch seeks his fortune on a game show.

S1/EP 12 - Aweigh We Go

While assigned to duty at a weigh station, Ponch and Jon go after a hijacked truck.

S1/EP 13 - One Two Many

Complaints come into headquarters about Jon when a fake CHP officer resembling him causes problems along the highway during traffic stops.

S1/EP 14 - Rustling

The CHP investigates a group of cattle rustlers trying to cheat insurance companies.

S1/EP 15 - Surf's Up

Transferred to Malibu Beach, Jon and Ponch deal with problems like a thief who specializes in stealing surfers' vans, an abandoned infant and a teenager who has a grudge against the police.

S1/EP 16 - Vintage '54

Ponch and Jon help reunite a baby with the family who left it behind following the confusion of packing for a vacation.

S1/EP 17 - Hitch-Hiking Hitch

Ponch and Jon get involved with a pair of young and naive hitchhikers.

S1/EP 18 - Cry Wolf

While Ponch and Jon try to get fast food, someone calls in a non-existent accident. Ponch, Jon, Baricza and fire trucks respond to find nothing.

S1/EP 19 - Crash Diet

The CHP officers try to reach a 1,000-pound weight loss goal, while investigating reports of a man throwing dirt at traffic.

S1/EP 20 - Rainy Day

The CHP officers are assigned to cars and investigate a moving casino.

S1/EP 21 - Crack-Up

When Jon is sidelined with an injury, Ponch is partnered with Sgt. Getraer. A reckless tow truck driver with a grudge against the CHP endangers the entire department.

S1/EP 22 - Flashback!

A biker gang is stealing CHP motorcycles. When a pompous new patrolman joins the CHP, Jon flashes back to his first meetings with a hot-dogging dirt biker named Frank Poncherello.

S2/EP 1 - Peaks and Valleys

A couple try to switch seats while driving and get stuck. Ponch and Jon pull them over.

S2/EP 2 - The Volunteers

Jon and Ponch escort a truck loaded with volatile chemicals over remote mountain roads because the citizens of the town along the direct route will not allow the dangerous convoy to pass through.

S2/EP 3 - Family Crisis

Ponch intervenes when he suspects Jon's young nephew of joyriding in stolen cars. Meanwhile, an overeager officer is obsessed with recovering a stolen movie stunt car being employed for diamond heists.

S2/EP 4 - Disaster Squad

While Ponch, Jon and Grossie check out women on the freeway, an old guy is driving recklessly in a truck.

S2/EP 5 - Neighborhood Watch

Jon and Ponch have their hands full with some skateboarding kids and a reckless driver who has a sharp lawyer handy to keep him out of trouble.

S2/EP 6 - Trick or Treat

A mysterious candy grabber and a ghost who robs supermarkets give the CHP officers a wild Halloween.

S2/EP 7 - High Flyer

Ponch fights his fear of flying and Jon copes with a teenage girl's crush on him.

S2/EP 8 - The Grudge

In retaliation for a drug bust, five frat boys wage prank warfare on Ponch and Jon.

S2/EP 9 - The Sheik

Ponch and Jon are put on patrol with a pompous and spoiled young oil sheik studying police science in America.

S2/EP 10 - Return of the Turks

Jon returns from some time off to learn that Ponch got a record number of citations in one month.

S2/EP 11 - Supercycle

Jon and Ponch unwittingly become part of the publicity for a daredevil show.

S2/EP 12 - High Explosive

Jon uses his off-duty rodeo hobby to help a lonely juvenile offender.

S2/EP 13 - Down Time

Ponch's Firebird is stolen by an unlikely group of thieves.

S2/EP 14 - Repo Man

The repo man is doing more than just repossessing cars.

S2/EP 15 - Mait Team

Cahill is critically injured in a multi-vehicle pile-up that claims 11 lives. Ponch and Jon are tapped to serve on the Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team determined to pinpoint the cause and to clear Cahill from blame.

S2/EP 16 - Pressure Point

Ponch and Jon put away their bikes and play a diplomat and his chauffeur when they go undercover to prevent a wealthy man and his beautiful granddaughter from falling victim to a violent extortion racket.

S2/EP 17 - The Matchmakers

Jon and Ponch help an officer who dreads retirement after 30 years of duty with the California Highway Patrol.

S2/EP 18 - Rally 'Round the Bank

While investigating a string of drive-in-bank robberies, Ponch is baffled by a visit from his mother.

S2/EP 19 - Bio-Rhythms

Ponch helps a trucker friend (Katherine Cannon) when a gang of hoods threatens her business. Tige Andrews guest stars.

S2/EP 20 - Quarantine

A small trucking company uses unsavory methods to put friends of Jon and Ponch out of their own trucking business.

S2/EP 21 - CHP - BMX

Getraer releases a dangerous narcotics suspect.

S2/EP 22 - Ride the Whirlwind

Jon and Ponch encounter unruly dirt bikers, a clandestine PCP operation and a macho city councilman showing off on the hillsides when they volunteer as members of a pilot trail bike team.

S3/EP 1 - Roller Disco: Part 1

Jon and Getraer ride together while Ponch is busy hunting down stars for the annual CHP roller disco.

S3/EP 2 - Roller Disco: Part 2

Jon loses the skater he was chasing. Meanwhile, Ponch is still looking for his skater but can't find him.

S3/EP 3 - Valley Go Home!

When surfers park too close to a "valley" van, the valley guys push the surfer car out of the way. Upset, the surfers chase the van and attract CHP attention.

S3/EP 4 - High Octane

While Ponch and Jon resolve a confrontation at a gas station, Grossie and Getraer come across an accident caused by an oil truck.

S3/EP 5 - Death Watch

The death of a fellow officer sets Ponch and Jon on the trail of a stunt driver who instigates accidents to pay back insurance companies.

S3/EP 6 - Counterfeit

A bogus clergyman prints counterfeit money that circulates to Ponch.

S3/EP 7 - The Return of the Supercycle

Ponch, Jon and Baricza chase a criminal on a red motorcycle who just robbed a jewelry store.

S3/EP 8 - Hot Wheels

Crooks use municipal vehicles to pull off heists.

S3/EP 9 - Drive, Lady, Drive: Part 1

A man steals a truck and is pulled over by Ponch and Jon while his partner speeds by and wrecks cars.

S3/EP 10 - Drive, Lady, Drive: Part 2

Candi tries to help the young girl who is unhappy at her foster home. Ponch and Jon move in on the crooks that they have been watching.

S3/EP 11 - The Watch Commander

A hard-nosed lieutenant tries to shape up CHP Central.

S3/EP 12 - Destruction Derby

Ponch is racing car 32 in the "Fear 250" stock car race.

S3/EP 13 - Second Chance

A young thief steals some jewelry and rides off on his motorbike. Ponch and Jon chase him until he jumps off a pier after injuring a girl on a bicycle.

S3/EP 14 - Wheeling

Artie, a handicapped driver, and his two friends are stopped for playing "it" on the highway.

S3/EP 15 - Christmas Watch

Just before Christmas, a church's bell is stolen.

S3/EP 16 - Jailbirds

While driving to court, Ponch and Jon stop some speeders. Catching one, Jon gets dirt on his uniform.

S3/EP 17 - E.M.T.

After Ponch and Jon volunteer for EMT training at UCLA, they get assigned to the A-shift (6 AM!).

S3/EP 18 - Kidnap

While Ponch, Jon and a reporter are entertaining two essay winners at the courthouse, two criminals manage to escape.

S3/EP 19 - Off Road

Jon and Ponch enter a desert off-road race, unaware that a pair of syndicate thugs are using the race as a cover to retrieve a cache of stolen coins.

S3/EP 20 - Tow Truck Lady

A tow truck driver puts up a "Tow Away Zone" sign in front of a parked car before towing it away.

S3/EP 21 - The Strippers

Jon's girlfriend's Mercedes 450SL is stolen.

S3/EP 22 - Thrill Show

Bonnie meets an old friend who is now a famous stuntman. On patrol, Ponch and Jon come across some people who were robbed on a bus.

S3/EP 23 - Nightingale

A mysterious female doctor treats accident victims and then disappears.

S3/EP 24 - Dynamite Alley

Bonnie's on patrol on Route 21...the middle of nowhere. After talking on the CB radio to wake her up, she goes off the road.

S4/EP 1 - Go-Cart Terror

While the CHPs pursue furniture thieves, Ponch and Jon prepare a go-cart team for competition, while also trying to help one of its misguided members.

S4/EP 2 - Sick Leave

Jon and Ponch try to help fellow officer Andy, who is pulling dangerous stunts at work, making warped judgement calls and causing a strain in his relationships.

S4/EP 3 - To Your Health

Jon and Ponch help a farmer and his sisters, who have had several near-fatal accidents that look like sabotage.

S4/EP 4 - The Poachers

Jon and Ponch chase poachers who sell the meat of the wild animals to restaurants. They are assisted in their pursuit by two Native Americans.

S4/EP 5 - The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party: Part 1

A possible disaster at the fashionable Malibu beach and the department's annual charity fundraiser keep Jon and Ponch busy.

S4/EP 6 - The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party: Part 2

Jon and Ponch continue with their evacuation program for Malibu residents while two daredevil criminals plan their escape route from a mansion belonging to a film producer.

S4/EP 7 - Satan's Angels

Bonnie is kidnapped by a gang of bikers, and Jon and Ponch are sent to find her. Meanwhile, Getraer's wife is in and out of the hospital on false labor alarms.

S4/EP 8 - Wheels of Justice

Jon and Ponch try to get a drunken driver off the road; meanwhile, the staff cares for orphaned babies after an accident.

S4/EP 9 - Crash Course

A car thief moves into the robbery business, while Ponch has some problems to sort out with his bank account.

S4/EP 10 - Forty Tons of Trouble

Jon, Ponch and the gang try to stop a group of thieves that are stealing heavy equipment from an independent contruction company owner.

S4/EP 11 - 11-99: Officer Needs Help

A new system is put in use to send back-up faster to injured officers. While testing it, Ponch and Bobby track down thieves that are stealing delivery trucks from loading docks.

S4/EP 12 - Home Fires Burning

As part of an insurance scam, arsonists start burning down mobile homes, causing chaos for Jon and Ponch. Meanwhile, they prepare for a basketball game.

S4/EP 13 - Sharks

A supposedly quiet day of scuba-diving finds Ponch and Jon face-to-face with a ring of drug smugglers and sharks.

S4/EP 14 - Ponch's Angels: Part 1

Ponch and Jon are assigned to train the CHP's first female motorcycle cops.

S4/EP 15 - Ponch's Angels: Part 2

The newly trained female officers nab a pair of thieves operating in and around a large marina.

S4/EP 16 - Karate

While patroling his old neighborhood, Ponch encounters a boyhood friend who is corrupting local teenagers in his burglary operation.

S4/EP 17 - New Guy in Town

An annoying rookie proves his worth when he saves Jon from death at the hands of the brother- and sister-in-law of a man the officer had imprisoned.

S4/EP 18 - The Hawk and the Hunter

Jon and Ponch look into a case involving an environmentalist's allegations that Baricza's father is polluting the area with insecticides.

S4/EP 19 - Vigilante

When Getraer and his family are harassed by a mysterious vandal, Ponch and Jon step in to find out who is responsible.

S4/EP 20 - Dead Man's Riddle

A psychiatrist joining the Accident Investigation Team fears that she may have been responsible for a serious high-speed collision that the CHP is currently trying to recreate in an investigation.

S4/EP 21 - A Simple Operation

Getraer injures his eye in a motorcycle accident and ends up in the hospital. A hit man, meanwhile, thinks Getraer saw his attack and plans to eliminate him.

S5/EP 1 - Suicide Stunt

Ponch and Jon organize a stakeout to catch thieves who have ripped off a motorcycle show ticket office.

S5/EP 2 - Vagabonds

While preparing for a unicar competition, Ponch and Bobby pursue a family in a camper van who are causing accidents to claim the insurance money.

S5/EP 3 - Moonlight

Ponch and Jon investigate reports of the dumping of toxic waste. Meanwhile, the other officers try to get the sarge in on a celebration of Ponch and Jon's fourth anniversary as partners.

S5/EP 4 - The Killer Indy

A gang of motorcycle racers terrorize the streets when they rip through the city, having races through city traffic. The leader of the gang challenges McLeish's older brother to a final showdown in order to win the title of King of the Indy.

S5/EP 5 - Weed Wars

A young boy witnesses an accident resulting from feuding drug syndicates recklessly driving along a mountain road. Jon and Ponch investigate with little cooperation from the boy, who is using his jinx spells to scare people away.

S5/EP 6 - Anything But the Truth

Jon and Steve try to track down a man who is terrorizing female drivers. Complicating things is the fact that their main witness is a compulsive liar, as well as Jon's girlfriend.

S5/EP 7 - Bomb Run

As the CHP prepares for a flight show, Bear runs into his former girlfriend, Terri. Although married, she makes a play for Bear to distract him from what she, her husband and father are planning: robbing the flight show bureau.

S5/EP 8 - Diamond in the Rough

A friend of Getraer's son is involved in an accident while a gang of criminals plots a complex bank robbery.

S5/EP 9 - Finders Keepers

Steve is chased and harassed by criminals after recovering their stolen car. Jon falls for a country and western singer.

S5/EP 10 - Fast Money

Hijackers use a high-tech device to steal bearer bonds.

S5/EP 11 - Concours d'Elegance

Jon and Ponch investigate a scam designed to skim profits from auction sales of rare antique motor cars.

S5/EP 12 - Mitchell & Woods

Female patrolwomen Mitchell and Woods find themselves on the trail of a murder suspect.

S5/EP 13 - Breaking Point

Ponch's confidence is broken after an accident. His performance at work suffers as a result, and Getraer suggests taking time off. Meanwhile, his sister, Patti, is in town, and they both begin to think about a new start.

S5/EP 14 - Tiger in the Streets

Jon and Ponch pursue a vengeful mechanic while also tracking an escaped tiger.

S5/EP 15 - Bright Flashes

A criminal duo equipped with a powerful laser causes havoc in the city, blinding witnesses while committing robberies. Meanwhile, Jon's childhood hero has lost his way, and Jon tries to get him back on track.

S5/EP 16 - Battle of the Bands

While the CHP tries to get a group of punk rockers under control, Ponch kicks off a stint as a singer.

S5/EP 17 - Alarmed

A former mentor of Bonnie's turns out to be a part of a gang that is wanted for grand theft auto when they hunt down valuable cars for big money.

S5/EP 18 - In the Best of Families

Jon and Ponch try to apprehend a family of thieves who make several attempts to steal a CHP cruiser as part of a bigger plot to commit an armored truck hit.

S5/EP 19 - Silent Partner

Escaping car thieves injure Grossman. Jon and Ponch mistake a man with a hearing and speech defect for a drunken driver.

S5/EP 20 - Flare-Up

While the CHPs learn about the dangers of reacting chemicals, Ponch has his hands full with a young man claiming police brutality.

S5/EP 21 - The Game of War

Ponch and Jon have to deal with a bunch of soldiers whose war games get out of hand.

S5/EP 22 - A Threat of War

Andy Macedon is back on the streets again, trying to prove that he's turned over a new leaf. It's not long before the CHP again deals with Billy and the gang.

S5/EP 23 - Trained for Trouble

While animal bank robbers make monkeys of the cops, Ponch discovers that a look-alike in CHP uniform is a stripteaser at a ladies-only nightclub.

S5/EP 24 - Ice Cream Man

A former CHP sergeant, out of prison and now working as an ice cream man, sets out to bring down the gang that got him put in jail. Meanwhile, he tries to set things right with his ex-wife and son, who thinks his father is dead.

S5/EP 25 - Overload

Computer-theft plotters jam the CHP computer center and attempt to rendezvous with an ocean-bound yacht.

S5/EP 26 - K-9-1

Ponch and Jon work with police dogs on the trail of bombs, drugs and thieves.

S5/EP 27 - Force Seven

We are introduced to a secret LAPD unit dedicated to the preservation of human life through the use of martial arts.

S6/EP 1 - Meet the New Guy

Ponch becomes the training officer of new rookie Bobby Nelson as they try to catch a pair of health-club thieves and find a runaway teenage mother who has stolen back the baby she sold.

S6/EP 2 - Tight Fit

When Ponch takes a part-time job as a model, stardom distracts him from his real work: the rewarding job of catching a pair of diamond thieves and a sleazy photographer.

S6/EP 3 - The Spaceman Made Me Do It

While on night patrol, Ponch and Bobby respond to a jewelry store alarm. The culprit turns out to be a young girl who claims an alien made her do it.

S6/EP 4 - Rock Devil Rock

Ponch and Bobby help a rock star who claims that attempts have been made on his life. Also, Ponch performs a daring rescue and the CHP officers throw a wild Halloween party.

S6/EP 5 - Speedway Fever

Ponch and Bobby go after a gang of high-speed bike bandits, and a young cadet at the CHP Academy tries to help his brother.

S6/EP 6 - Something Special

Ponch helps children train for the Special Olympics, while an old friend of Bobby's prepares for a parachute jump and Grossie buys a truckload of eggs.

S6/EP 7 - This Year's Riot

A group of wild kids and some would-be nude sunbathers ruin the CHiPs crew's outing at Grossman's beach house.

S6/EP 8 - Head Over Heels

Ponch falls in love with a beautiful schoolteacher (Beverly Sassoon) and begins making plans to marry her.

S6/EP 9 - Return to Death's Door

A man blames Ponch for the death of his brother — who was also Ponch's friend — and challenges him to a race.

S6/EP 10 - Fallout

Anti-nuclear protesters — including Getraer's daughter, Ellen — cause trouble for the patrol.

S6/EP 11 - Day of the Robot

Ponch and Bobby have fun with a robot assigned to their station — until it becomes a threat to their lives.

S6/EP 12 - Hot Date

Ponch is held prisoner in his own apartment by a couple of criminals thirsty for revenge.

S6/EP 13 - High Times

Ponch and Bobby try to track down a couple of juvenile car thieves.

S6/EP 14 - Country Action

Ponch and Bobby are on the trail of a gang of cattle rustlers trying to sell cattle infected with anthrax.

S6/EP 15 - Journey to a Spacecraft

Ponch and Bobby have to take care of a kidnapped dog and a sick runaway child, Kevin. Kevin is dreaming of UFOs bringing him away from his sickness. Ponch's friend allows him a look into the night sky.

S6/EP 16 - Fox Trap

Ponch and Bobby try to prevent three female rock musicians from being victimized by an unscrupulous concert promoter.

S6/EP 17 - Brat Patrol

Ponch and Bobby are on the hunt for a drug dealer, and get some help from a rag-tag gang of youngsters along the way.

S6/EP 18 - Firepower

Ponch and Bobby try to catch a gang of bikers selling dangerous weapons on the black market.

S6/EP 19 - Fun House

Ponch and Bobby look into a series of thefts at a local campus, while Bruce tries to find a little girl who was abducted by a woman.

S6/EP 20 - Fast Company

Ponch teams up with Bruce to find the person behind a car theft.

S6/EP 21 - Things That Go Creep in the Night

Ponch and Bruce try to protect a woman who is seemingly being stalked by a comic book character.

S6/EP 22 - Return of the Brat Patrol

A band of teenage misfits, ex-members of Ponch's Explorer Troop, returns to help him catch a group of junior-high extortionists.
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